TruBridge charts a clear path for our clients’ long-term viability, through business services and consulting dedicated to the community healthcare market. Thanks to CPSI’s decades of experience and specialization, TruBridge knows what it takes to create an operation that runs smoothly across both the clinical and business sides of the hospital.

Business services

Our business, administrative and insurance services span the revenue cycle. With TruBridge, our clients are able to improve cash flow, navigate a complex payer landscape, maintain compliance more easily and manage the back office. By taking on these operations, our team of experts eases the transition to new regulations and payment models.

Revenue Cycle Optimization tools

Rycan is a leading revenue cycle management solution for hospitals, healthcare systems and skilled nursing organizations. Our offerings are tailored to each organization's unique needs and are backed by exceptional client support.

Business and clinical consulting

Sharing our expertise, TruBridge helps customers create more streamlined ways of providing superior healthcare. Using best practices developed at hundreds of hospitals, we bring new ways to enhance their finances. We can also help improve clinical outcomes by showing healthcare providers how they can leverage optimization of their EHR solution interoperability and analytic insight.

Managed IT services and consulting

Through technology hosting and management, TruBridge enhances security and availability while controlling cost, regardless of the EHR solution the hospital uses. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure gives TruBridge clients peace of mind that their technology is always up-to-date and that sensitive patient information stays private and protected. 

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