Rycan is a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions to hospitals, healthcare systems and skilled nursing organizations. Our offerings are tailored to each organization's unique needs and are backed by exceptional client support. 

Solutions Designed to Improve Financial Operations

Patient Liability Estimates - Improve patient satisfaction, maximize point-of-service collections, and equip your staff with the ability to provide transparent pricing with our PLE module. 

Eligibility Verification - Reduce claim denials and carrier rejections by performing on-demand eligibility look-ups, assuring the care you provide is covered.

Claim Scrubbing and Submission - A powerful claim management solution for submitting, validating and processing your healthcare facility’s claims with ease

Remittance Management - Remittance advice can be effortlessly gathered and managed with our ERA Retrieval and Remittance Management modules, simplifying workflow and involvement. 

Denial/Audit Management - Equips your facility with the tools necessary to combat denied and audited claims, assisting your organization in recovering lost revenue.

Contract Management - Take control over your complex healthcare contracts by prospectively pricing every claim submitted to payers, retrospectively pricing every remittance to ensure proper payment was received, and modeling proposed contract terms during payer negotiations.

Reporting and Data-Mining - Bring together all of your facility’s revenue cycle data and gain a better understanding of your financial health by analyzing reports and utilizing our interactive, drill-in graphs.

Together, Rycan’s comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solution set works seamlessly to provide a thorough, yet streamlined process for your staff to improve the health of your financial operations so you can focus on delivering quality care to the patients and communities you serve.  


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