Evident is more than an EHR solution provider. We bring CPSI’s forward-looking philosophy to solution development, taking the long view without losing sight of daily realities. That’s what makes Evident a partner that can help clients achieve short-term goals while preparing for what’s on the horizon. 

An EHR solution for today and tomorrow

When choosing an EHR solution, the environment matters. Systems built for large medical centers are rarely a good fit for rural and community healthcare. Thrive EHR from Evident offers the same sophisticated functionality as these more complex, costly systems, while addressing the unique needs of rural organizations. There are no massive operational costs, no obsolescence, no surprises. 

Thrive is built on a simple, powerful idea: consistency. One system, one single-user experience, one single patient record across the continuum of care – that’s what enables better outcomes with less chance of error or oversight. 

The system follows the rhythm of the rural hospital and physician practice setting. Every workflow is crafted with an eye towards the way providers deliver care, and patients experience it. This principle guides us as we constantly enhance Thrive to ensure its place as an integral component of quality care delivery. 

A unique, client-first support model 

Selecting an EHR solution is about more than features, functions or usability. It is important to consider the long term – keeping the hospital, its physicians and clinicians, and patients in mind. Conversion, implementation, training and ongoing support are crucial considerations. That’s why we created LikeMind – a unique implementation and support model for Thrive EHR and an integral part of every Evident relationship.

CPSI has long been renowned for the strength of our customer relationships. The LikeMind approach takes this to a whole new level. Each customer has a dedicated support team that is intimately familiar with their staff and shares their priorities, standing by to resolve issues quickly and keep systems performing well. With LikeMind by their side, our clients can stay focused on what really matters: the health of their community.

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